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Attention capital is paying the way to gaining followers, gaining recognition, and gaining a solid foothold in a digital world that seems to take twisted pleasure in ripping the algorithm from under our feet.

You need visuals that make your audience sit up, pay attention, and say “Damn, that’s awesome!”. The only way to get those visuals? Working with a professional motion graphic studio (hint: that’s us!) that knows how to create videos for social media branding that works even harder than you do.  

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Video is what makes marketing go viral, we know. Regardless of how many times the social media algorithms evolve, they always seem to favour motion graphics and video content. And we get it! Who has the time to read walls of text? With OHN Design Studio, you can start engaging with your audience, gaining social media traction, and using creative motion graphics that are easier, faster, and more effective than ever.  

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Gone are the days where you need to shake it to make it. Gaining social media traction and engaging with your audience is evolving past doing the Renegade. You can learn how to create videos for social media simply by using our Canva-editable animated templates. 

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Where settling for "Good enough" isn't a thing

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Latest Templates

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Bring your images to life with our vintage animated overlays! Just one click is all it takes to add these fun and whimsical animations, making your photos look like they were taken straight from a movie reel.

Vintage Overlay


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Who doesn't love a good flashback? These animated templates will take you right back to summertime nostalgia.

With beautiful animated leaves, trees, and birds, this collection is perfect for giving your brand that extra bit of personality.

Sweet Summer Collection


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Sun's out. Holidays are booked and it's time to share your spring happiness with your audience using our gradient collection.

Pastel Perfect Gradients


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Do you have penchant for sharing your wisdom on social media but your posts are too text heavy?

Our latest collection, Relaxed Elegance, addresses your text heavy posts and balances it with images and animation.

the Relaxed Elegance


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Share your motivational or encouraging word for the year ahead. And as there are 7 words in the collection, you can also share your word or thought of the day. The possibilities with the collection are endless.


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latest freebie and free animation bundle

It's all good, friend. So do we. That's why we're letting you download 9 different hand-drawn Hygge animations for free. These Canva-editable animated templates are ready and waiting for you to add your own message. Honestly, they’re cool enough to leave them as is if you’d like.
 From your grandma’s Facebook page to your not-so-secret Finsta account, you can post these guys wherever you want.  

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Our professional motion graphic design studio does form, it does function, and it does a fantastic job of celebrating your brand’s unique flair. Our creative motion graphics are as gorgeous as they are effective.  

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Unfortunately, no. The animations and videos were specifically created to make posting and sharing of video content quicker and easier. 

All of our animations and videos is as simple as drop and play. However, our future collection releases will include a variety of colour palettes and styles 


With the right licencing purchase, absolutely

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can i use these in client work?

In a link via your inbox.

Straight after purchase, you will receive a notification in your inbox with the download links to Canva. You do not need a Canva Pro account to access any of the animations or videos

how will i receive my purchase(s)?

All digital assets are non-refundable. If you're having any issues with the downloads, please do get in touch via our contact page here or you can email us directly at: contact@ohndesignstudio.com

What is your refund policy?

Absolutely. Depending on the work you require, we can provide a customised quote. We do charge our day rate for custom work which is £180.00

can you customise the animations for me?

All things being equal and having consulted the magic 8 ball, we intend to release 1 video collection and 1 animated graphic per month. 

how often will you release new collections?


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