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5 key benefits of using motion graphics for your business

Motion Graphics

People love animation videos for their ability to break down concepts in a way that is much more easy to understand.

Motion graphics have been around since the 1950s, but they haven’t been widely used until the last few years.

This means that there are many companies who don’t know what creative motion graphics can do for them and don’t use it at all.

It’s no wonder why though, because it seems like a relatively new technology, so people may not be interested in trying something new when there isn’t a lot of proof about how effective it would be.  That is where we come in. We’re going to break down five benefits of using motion graphics for small businesses.

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1. It helps viewers understand what you do by engaging them with visuals

Motion graphics videos are perfect to use on product or services pages of a website because they catch the attention of people looking through it and can help build an image in their head about what that company does.  Imagine not having videos there at all, just a picture of something and some text. Now imagine you’re scrolling through Facebook and see this product page without a video. You would have no idea what they do or who they are really from just seeing that picture and reading about it in the description box. But, if they had a motion graphics video, you would get so much more information from watching a a quick minute and a half to two minute animation, compared to the five seconds it takes you to scroll through to get back to your newsfeed.

2. It provides authenticity and trustworthiness

People love video content because they convey personality in a way that words can’t.  It is much more engaging having someone tell you about your product or company rather than reading an article or blog post from them. Motion graphics animation also has been shown to increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

On top of that, recent studies show that people are more likely to buy something after watching either an explainer video or promotional video than if they hadn’t watched one at all.

3. It works for every type of business

You may think that motion graphics only works well for small businesses that sell anything from fashion items to technology, but this isn’t true.  Almost any type of business can gain from creating a motion graphic video.They add personality and authenticity to the company while also providing important information about what they do or who they are.  There is no reason why someone shouldn’t be using it in their small business!

4. It takes less time than you think

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Creating a motion graphic video might sound like a lot of work and require special equipment and expensive software, but nowadays there are so many online tools available where you can create videos at an affordable price with minimal technical knowledge required.

Two such tools is Canva and BeatLeaps .  Both of these sites have easy to use templates and tools at the best prices, which means that no company should be without one!

5. It’s effective in many different marketing strategies

Motion graphic videos can be used in many different marketing strategies; whether it is for search engine optimisation (SEO), social media or email campaigns.

There are currently 77% of companies who say their videos are effective when it comes to generating more views on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Plus, 33% of people will watch an entire video until the end if they are interested by what they see initially.

We know the time commitment that goes into creating visual content. That’s why we have a selection of free animations for you to use as soon as your download!

Motion graphic videos are an innovative way to help businesses gain more engagement with their audience. They are engaging, authentic and trustworthy, which are all characteristics that people look for in businesses they follow or do business with. Not only are they beneficial in different marketing strategies but they also take less time than you might think to create one!

So what are you waiting for? Start creating motion graphics today so your business can see the results it deserves!

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