How to choose the right animated videos for your business.

Motion Graphics

Small businesses need to look at ways in which they can stand out from their competitors and find new customers, without breaking the bank. Animated videos is one of the best tools that small businesses have available to them today. There are many types of animated videos; how do you know what kind is best for your company? Here are some factors to help you make this decision:

Explainer videos

The first benefit is that they are affordable. Generally speaking, whiteboard videos are cheaper to produce than live action or green screen videos because instead of hiring an actor/actress and a production crew, the only person needed is someone with a good script and drawing skills.

Another advantage is that explainer videos grab the attention of your audience. Most people enjoy looking at something different rather than reading words on a page or watching someone speak in front of a camera.

When you make an explainer video, all you are doing is providing people with an interesting and unique way to learn about your business.

Character animation

Animation is the perfect tool when it comes to keeping your customers interested. Have you ever noticed how enthralled people can become when watching a cartoon? Your viewers will be able to fully focus on an animation without being distracted by anything else.

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Animated videos are also easy for many people to understand. Many animated video n our time come in the form of a cartoon. Cartoons have a universal appeal and they are understood by people from all cultures across the world.

The last benefit for small businesses is that animations can be customized to fit your needs. When you make an animation, you can create it with characters that fit your business perfectly. Cute character design/style allows viewers to become more emotionally invested in your business.

This means that when they watch your character interact with other characters, what you are saying will have more of an effect on them because it is coming from a familiar face. There is also the option to have your video become interactive.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are also called animated graphics or moving visual styles (MVS). A lot of people think they’re mostly intro reels for movies or cool new features on TV shows like Game of Thrones . But sometimes they’re just used to enhance your message in the same way that photography is used in print media — just more kinetic!

You might not know you’ve seen some motion graphic work before, but it’s almost certain that if you watch any kind of movie you’ve seen them. They’re in TV shows, on websites, for companies trying to sell you stuff — even in the ads that play before movies.

Maybe they’re not talking animals or fantasy beasts that come alive, but when you see an ad with a product flying around the screen and changing colours while some fast-paced music plays…well it’s safe to say there are motion graphics involved.

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Video Presentations

Video presentations are all the rage.

More and more people are creating video presentations, not only because it’s expected but also because they simply work better than written content.

They’re more dynamic, they’re easier to watch in short bulks of time (like your average commute), and you can even include music! Videos are a great way to share your story and highlight your skills.

Social media video

Social media video is seeing a massive uptick in usage. With extraordinary viewership highs, it’s an attractive marketing format that can easily boost brand awareness and generate conversions

While there are many forms of video, social media video is specifically designed for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest where users are actively engaged with content

Animated Videos OHN Design Studio

This type of video typically affects two different types of engagement: attention minutes and conversion rates. Attention minutes measure how much time users spend watching your videos on social media platforms including television screens or desktop computers.

Conversion rates refer to how likely viewers are to share the content you’re sharing with them on social media channels.

The more people who watch your videos, the more likely they are to be shared which will lead to even more views. While there are some overlaps between these two types of programming, they have different structures and require different budgets

Advertising Video Content

What is it?

Advertising video content is essentially this: Video advertisements. These are videos that are created by companies to promote their products through exposure, media exposure being the prime method of exposure in online marketing.

Essentially, it’s a way for companies to gain more attention and popularity on social networking sites without having to pay for ad space or engagements.

This form of promotion had its boom around 2012 where advertising agencies had started using YouTube as an alternative platform to place their ads, thus driving traffic to different websites and vice versa thereby creating new avenues for both consumers and producers alike.

And we’re not talking about your dad’s 80s TV commercial where he’ll tell you how great his business is.

We’re talking video content through social digital channels that reaches thousands upon thousands of viewers! That’s right – online advertisements have moved just banners on the side of the screen that you couldn’t care less about.

We’re talking commercial quality videos that are designed to engage your audience. The target market can be anyone! It could even be you.

Stats don’t lie

With the rise of online video, people are consuming more than 16 hours worth per week. This is a 52% increase over two years ago and it’s only going to keep growing! (Wordstream).

Have advertisers caught onto this trend? Absolutely! They are now creating strategies to make sure they are reaching as many viewers as possible, which means spending more money on advertisements .

YouTube will always have its fair share of advertisers who advertise through that platform because it’s currently one of the biggest social media channels with over 1 billion active users per month.

People mainly use it for entertainment purposes, which is why many of the advertisements are either funny or make you shed a tear.

So with brands having to increase their ad spend this year, how can they guarantee that they will deliver results? By delivering quality video content that people want to watch!

And I don’t know about you but, whether it’s my friends showing me something hilarious on Tiktok or watching YouTube videos – I’m always interacting with online advertisements by commenting underneath, liking and laughing at some.

Which means even though I might not be purchasing what’s advertised right in front of me I am still acknowledging them…which is good enough for brands too!

And there you have it

Animated videos can be a fun, cost-effective way to reach new customers and set your small business apart from the competition.

But not all animated videos are created equal. When choosing animated videos for your small business, it’s important to consider the tone of your company and what you want the video to achieve. Are you looking for something funny and lighthearted? Or more professional and informative?

We know it’s not easy to give up on your ideas, but if you are still not convinced. We’ve compiled 5 key benefits that will help change everything for the better!

And finally, all of the animations used in today’s blog is from our freebie animations. So what are you waiting for? Try them today!

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