45 Stock images

A collection of stock images ranging in theme's from Summer citrus to Winter holidays. 

The collection features images that are bold and colourful as well as muted florals and can be used in:
  • social media posts
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • emails
  • Landing pages

MP4 file

File Format

Square 2100X2100px


  • 38 second video
  • fisherman moves from far left to far right
  • animated water
  • subtle animated stars and fireflies


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Stock Images


devote more time to actually

running your business. Or even free up some time to do the Google 20-percent time. Whatever the extra hours affords you, you now have it. Spend it wisely


spend less time recording


have your business content

this is for you if you want to:

Small business owners are dancing on all platforms to be seen and heard. And it's great and exciting, but ever wonder about those days when you just can't face a camera but still have to keep the lights on? Get your business seen and heard with our video's and animations. So you can spend more time on you.

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Most social media platforms are favouring video content and posting our animation and video's ensures your business stays front and centre.


"Designing posts is the task I dread the most for my business, but this has helped immensely"


"this product is amazing. I wish i bought it sooner"

- tamira

"I get compliments everywhere I go"

kind words

Unfortunately, no. The animations and videos were specifically created to make posting and sharing of video content quicker and easier. 

All of our animations and videos is as simple as drop and play. However, our future collection releases will include a variety of colour palettes and styles 


With the right licencing purchase, absolutely

See licences here

can i use these in client work?

In a link via your inbox.

Straight after purchase, you will receive a notification in your inbox with the download links to Canva. You do not need a Canva Pro account to access any of the animations or videos

how will i receive my purchase(s)?

All digital assets are non-refundable. If you're having any issues with the downloads, please do get in touch via our contact page here or you can email us directly at: contact@ohndesignstudio.com

What is your refund policy?

Absolutely. Depending on the work you require, we can provide a customised quote. We do charge our day rate for custom work which is £180.00

can you customise the animations for me?

All things being equal and having consulted the magic 8 ball, we intend to release 1 video collection and 1 animated graphic per month. 

how often will you release new collections?


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